SEO – Search Engine Optimization

While SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is an instant way to get top search results, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a long and time consuming process, but it leads to lasting leading positions. SEO requires in-depth website analysis, strategy, good copywriting, content optimization, link-building, keyword selection, etc.

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Why Invest in SEO?

SEO delivers lasting results compared to other strategies for promoting and optimizing web pages. With good optimization (which needs support, of course), you rank your site by contextually related keywords in Google organic results.


How Google ranks your website?

There are many factors that determine how Google positions your pages, but these are the main ones:

  • keywords;
  • semantic analysis / content quality;
  • consumer behavior (CTR / bounce rate);
  • references from other (authoritative / relevant) sites;
  • domain authority;
  • brand mentions (positive / negative);
  • social alerts (posts, shares, + 1 / likes);
  • internal link-building;
  • speed and other.

How is quality content achieved and what is SEO copywriting?

There are certain rules against which the bot doesn't "decide" that the content is spam. First of all, we need to have a moderate use of keywords and phrases selected after analyzing the competitiveness of keywords in the relevant business area.

The text should be easy and engaging to read, let's not forget that we write not only for search engines but also for users. The use of subheadings is recommended. Thus, with just one glance, the user would understand what it was about without reading all the content.


SEO copywriting

If we have to prioritize the individual criteria by which Google ranks pages, content will account for 80%.

All efforts of the search engine are aimed at limiting the theft of intellectual work and improving the quality of the first results shown. This trend has been intensifying for several years now and it is increasingly important that we have copyrighted content related to the subject matter of the site.

Analyzes and audits

The first step before taking any action on site optimization is a thorough analysis.

In order to develop a quality strategy for good positioning (off and on page) it is necessary to first analyze: competition, external and internal links from and to the site, keywords, content, site structure.

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Where to start with optimizing your website?

There is no exact recipe for the best optimization strategy. The most important is the initial analysis of keywords, industry competitiveness and the overall state of the website at the moment. It is best to have this analysis done by SEO specialists.

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